I. Unscramble and Write the Words. Then Match the Pictures with the Words.

  II. Look, Circle and Write.
2. an ant(No, it's an ant.)
3. a cow(Yes, it's a cow.)
4. a bee(No, it's a bee.)
5. a fly(No, it's a fly.)
6. a sandwich(Yes, it's a sandwich.)

  III. Look and Answer.
2. Yes, I'm hungry.
3. No, I'm not tired. I'm thirsty.
4. No, we're not hungry. We're tired.

  IV. Play the Game.
2. S1: Are you funny?
3. S1: Are you hot?
4. S1: Are you sad?
5. S1: Are you tired?
6. S1: Are you thirsty?( S2 依實際情況自由回答)